Lily strolled about the house in quick fashion, and chose the room for her. It overlooked both the driveway and and the front yard.

"Rupert!" she yelled. He appeared practically under her feet.

"Yes mistress...."

Lily glanced at his earnest face. So willing to please.

"Call me Lily, not mistress." She directed.

"Yes, ma, mi, mmm, Lily."

"Good, I've chosen this room, see that my bags and trunks are brought up. Is there a tub? Good, have it filled with hot water. I am sorely in need of a bath."

"Yes, m-m-, Lily." Rupert almost sparkled as he tripped down the stairs to tell the others where Lily wanted her things. He felt both relief and worship-love for Lily, and these shored up his flagging ego enough to give orders. He felt safe from Magnus' rule, who was sometimes cruel in his effort to remain number one. Somehow warmed by Lily's seeming unconditional love, Rupert was happier than he had ever been. Lily's love had freed him to feel like a human. He felt a rush of love come over him for her. He would plan a special dinner tonight to delight her with. It was what he lived

Lily surveyed the room she had chosen. Northwestern exposure.No sunrise, but it did allow her a view of a slice of ocean she would not be able to see if the trees were leafed out. The sheers at the window were old, grimey and yellowed. Filthy with disuse and regular care, but fluttered as grandly as in their hayday. K's footsteps on the hardwood floor stirred Lily away from the windows. A few young men, new ones, were hustling about, bringing in a freshly aired mattress and bedding. They had begun making Lily a nest under the tutalage of Rupert, of all people, who seemed to know instinctively what she wanted. Lily smiled in his direction as he shouted, "Cotton! Cotton sheets, 250 thread count, not the new ones, the washed ones. Four pillows, not two!" K's slanted eyes took in this scene. Ruperts new command, Lily's approval. how often had K herself wished for Lily's approval? She had it everywhere but in her personal life. Why couldn't Lily see how happy K was just taking care of Lily? K didn't need one man in her life, but several. She didn't need any more to make her complete and yet Lily stilled pined for "the one". K shook her head. Lily caught this movement and swiveled around to peer at her friend.

"What?" She asked. K had a look on her face that Lily couldn't read.

"Nothing. Just thinking. Want to take a bath? With chips and salsa, and attitude adjustments?"

"Sounds good." Lily smiled a half smile, "Will you take care of the details?"

K's face broke wide open into a grin, "I already have..." she said as she floated from the room, only to break the spell when she got into the hallway and bellowed for Magnus. Lily smiled a wry grin before changing into a plushy pink robe and slippers and padded down the hallway to the bathroom. It was a long hall, with three bedrooms and one bath off the hall. The stairs were at the far end, and there was a window there. It was open to allow the breeze to freshen the house, and over the four over four panes of glass hung faded, time greyed cherry printed draperies. They reminded her of her grandmother's house, how clean and crisp it had been. Resplendant with fresh laundry and food. MMMMM. She faded off for a moment, in rememberance. Her childhood had been pretty screwed up, but she lived and learned. It wasn't deprived. She'd always had plenty and shared it freely, thinking that things grew on trees. But, with her good, christian upbringing, she was always thinking of those less fortunate than herself, and learning to be grateful for what she had. Lily sighed. She could think of lots of people who would love to have those drapes, and though she might wash them, she would use these drapes here forever. How ever long that was. She really couldn't think about that right now. It was this mood she took with her to the bath. The bathroom looked great. A huge clawfoot tub at one end by a large, stained glass window, throwing shades of blue all over the room. The sill created a ledge for towels, candles or whatever you wanted. An old iron radiator dominated one corner of the room and towels were currently piled atop of it to warm for after the bath. Candles burned in every available nook or surface and the smell of warm jasmine and sandalwood permeated the air. the scent of the sandlewood released the senses and was dominant. K was waiting in the tub. A bowl of chips and salsa sat on the wide rim and a large sport bottle of vodka with lemonaid awaited her.

K smiled at her, obiviously pleased with the small luxury she had carefully constructed. Her boys had worked hard to make this room clean and cozy. Ferns and other green plants were nestled into every nook and cranny they could fill. K knew how Lily craved the greenery. Plants, grass, trees, fresh air. It was why she had chosen washington state over the tropical locations. Lily's agent had hesitated to mention this property but K was sure that Lily would feel restored by the rustic atmosphere. Lily smiled her pleasure and dropped her robe. K's eyes flicked over Lily's upturned breasts, flat belly and obvious hip bones. Lily turned to hang up her robe on the door and K took the opportunity to admire Lily's firm, round butt. Their mutual friend, hayu, (pronounced, hey you) had often said that Lily had a perfect heart shaped ass and when she dropped into the snow it left a heart shaped print in the snow as well. Lily came and gingerly stepped into the hot tub. They leaned back like bobsledders, each raising a book in their left hand and nibbling chips and salsa with their rights. Sports bottles fit convienently between their breasts. By the time they finished their first and had rung for their second they were pretty well trashed.

Rupert answered the call and Lily and K fell into hysterics at his wide eyed look at them in the tub together. Quietly obedient, he refilled the sport bottles and salsa bowl and discretely disappeared. They decided they needed music and hollered for the boys to figure out how to get music to the bathroom. They laughed and splashed and confessed and confided. A cathartic experience for them both.

The boys finally ended up bringing Lily's portable CD player to the bathroom and after much fake gagging left foreigner playing for them. Lily lay back into K's arms and rested her head into K's billowy breasts.

"This is the life, K. I'm so glad we're able to have all this."

"We had this, when we were broke!"

"Yeah, but it's better, because we don't have to go fight with our skinhead roommate about his share of rent, or the missing portion of ours! And he wasn't even supposed to live there! He was that artist girl, what was her name? Aster? Alyis? Something like that, her boyfriend. Not to mention all her twisted abortion art. Barf. Get therapy. Ewww." Lily shuddered. It was definately a nightmare as it happened. Lily was both glad those days were gone and yet not really sorry they happened. Builds character.

"It really seems unreal with some distance on it, huh?"

"Mm-yeah." K sounded dreamy, distracted.

"It's funny. So many people in and out. I was thinking of the day you and I had that huge fight and Chuck got me loaded with tequila, then held my hair back while I puked, and even after all that he and I made love in the tub with the shower curtain pulled so people could use the toilet! Ha!"

They both laughed at the mental pictures they held.

"And that picture of you I drew, in the tub, standing against the tile, pissed at Jon Lewis." The quiet that fell ws easy and misty. Lily was staring without seeing at a crack around the tub spout.

"That was a good picture." K's breath tickled Lily's ear.

"Yeah." Lily said dreamily, snuggling back into K because she knew she could. K picked up a large sea sponge and gently squoze it over Lily's breasts. Lily did not protest, but simply put her "attitude adjustment" aside and closed her eyes.

K dribbled water over Lily's chest and arms leisurely. It was almost imperceptable when K started to rub Lily with the sponge. K put the sponge aside and lathered her hands with soap. Lily watched this in a detached way, anticipating. K gently soaped up Lily's arms and chest before slipping her hands over her breasts, gently lifting each and rubbing soap along underneath and now up over the erect nipples. Lily swished around to face K, their legs intertwining, and took up the soap herself. She rubbed the soap all over the pearly globes of K's breasts. They were large, grapefruit sized, without stretchmarks, only interupped by the palest of pink areolas and nipples. Not large and dark and crinkly, like Lily's, but soft and pink, like a rosebud. K lay back with an exaggerated sigh and Lily smiled and continued her soaping over K's belly and thighs.

"Stand up." Lily whispered.

K obliged - soapy water trailing down her body. Sounded like rain, thought Lily.

"Turn around and hold up your hair." K did so and lily resoaped her hands and rubbed them over K's shoulders and back, down over her hips and lingered awhile on her ample buttocks. Round, and round, and down the crack went Lily's hands, under the crease of the buttock....Lily grabbed the soap once again and ran it up each of K's legs. K spread her thighs slightly to encourage this "washing". K looked over her shoulder at Lily, on her knees behind her and saw the dilitation of her pupils, the heat of the moment flushing her face and closed her eyes again, giving Lily permission to continue. And she did.

chpt end

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