Lily went back to her own room. She didn't stop at the bathroom. She

didn't want to wash off this sin. She wanted to smell it, to smell him, to revel in

the feel of the dried sweat on her skin, the bruised feeling to her neck, and other tender areas, as long as it lasted. Unfortunately It didn't seem destined to last long as she opened her bedroom door to discover K pacing before the windows. K whirled around as Lily shut the door quietly.

"Lily!!" K exclaimed in a rush of withheld breath. Lily looked at K hesitantly, and was somewhat sorry that K was there. She really wasn't ready to give up the thoughts of last night that flowed through her mind, and the feelings that were coursing through her body with every heartbeat. Those thoughts filled her with a

sense of otherworldliness, that she appreciated, since she could just tell her real world was about to become real intense.

"We're in real trouble now, Lil." K looked scared. This was not a good thing. K didn't often look scared. K could easily drink anyone under the table and outsmart the rest. This must be bad for K to look like this. Lily suddenly felt detached,one could almost hear a ripping noise, like velcro, as she disassociated herself from the situation at hand. It was similar to the noise of a tensile cable snapping, and the twisting and unwinding causing a terrible, wail-like noise. This happened perhaps only in Lily's brain. Maybe she was the only one who heard it, but it's snapping was felt in the household, almost immediately. For no apparent reason, everyone in house, felt a strange sense of unease. Lily projected her feelings in such a manner that no one was immune to the wave. In a managerial, I'm- not- really -involved- sort of way, she asked.


"Your contact called while you were gone, and I didn't know what to say except that you weren't available to speak to and they were really mad, and said if you didn't keep this gig, they were going to ‘cancel' your contract with them, and I felt threatened suddenly." K was twisting her fingers and looked terrified. Lily took this all in and realized they were all in great danger. She had felt funny about their assignment from the beginning but chalked it up to her latest thoughts as interfering with business. They had such a good offer for such little work. Wait! Her brain shouted. Both the wimp and the bitch shouted. Don't you see? You've been working for the enemy all along! They were waiting for her to come to them, so they could kill her! It suddenly made sense to her. She made up her mind quickly and told K,

"Get everyone out of this house tonight. Make arrangements to go somewhere else. Immediately! Send different groups different ways. Confuse the enemy. Send Aurora and Winston home , George too. No bull shit. Tonight. I will be leaving, with the De Lorean and Rock, to his plane, to go get Daniel." K took her turn looking overloaded with information. A few mental calculations made her move and she zapped Magnus to her side with orders to carry out. Soon the household was alert with frenzy. Lily stayed upstairs, working on her laptop, making connections. Finding out where Daniel was, Hayu sent her email. He was being elusive. Speaking with a shadow on his tongue. Dammit! She was going to have to see him in person to find out what she wanted to know. Rock had also been watching the goings on with interest, and was cooling his heels waiting to go, and get on with it already. Most of the house was already on the move. Lily had said her goodbyes and had addresses stuck into her trunk to keep up with her friends. K was wrapping things up, only the few boys were there now, scurrying about seeing to last minute details. K came to Lily then,

"Okay, that's all of us, except for you, ...and him..." K's disdain was evident in her inflection.

"Take care. Be safe. Call me as soon as you can, okay? I know you'll be

okay." K said, more to assure herself than Lily. Lily smiled at her.

"You can expect to hear from me within five days, okay? No worries

until then?" She smiled at K in that familiar way and K smiled back and

hugged Lily fiercely. They parted finally, and Lily watched the boys

finish up and back out of the driveway. Rock came to stand on the porch

with her and put his arm around her waist familiarly. Lily didn't

object, and they stood this way until all was quiet. Rock broke this by



"Aren't I always? Let's do it." Lily replied. She grasped her backpack

for the trip and dangled the keys at Rock before keeping them herself

and jumping into the driver's seat, laughing. Rock checked himself, and allowed

himself a sideways grin as he knew he would soon be the one in control.

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