Rock gave directions as Lily drove. He was very familiar with the area and Lily turned her head to look at him.

"You've been here a lot before haven't you?" He smiled at her.

"You'd die if you realized just how close to the Systems base we are. It will only be another hour or so." He paused before he began again.

"You're not going to like what I'm going to say now. I can't take you onto the base unless you are either blindfolded or unconscious. I can get away with bringing a civilian onto the base to my private suite, but not in a way that will jeopardize our security. So what's your pleasure, darling?"

Lily stared straight ahead at the road, considering what he said.

"Who are you?... Batman? Couldn't I just hide in the trunk?"

He shook his head.

"Heat sensors. They would open the trunk to look. Trust me. I wont let anything happen to you now." Lily pouted and frowned a little still trying to decide when he added,

"Oh yeah, if you choose blindfolded, I'll have to tie you up as well, to look convincing." He wasn't exactly smiling, but she could tell he was enjoying her discomfiture. A stray thought hit her.

"Why did you attack me at the mall? Tell me what that was about."

"The assassin we saw wasn't the only one there, and the other had spotted you from the second level and was about to shoot you. I grabbed you to save you, and then after you stalked away, it only took a few moments for the goons to make their way into the tunnel, thinking to head us off, and I took them out." He said this matter of factly, as though she should have guessed. At least it sounded reasonable, and she did remember smelling gunpowder when he returned to the car.

"Gee, I just don't remember a time when I had to make such a fun choice. I guess, I would prefer to be tied up and blindfolded. At least I could have a chance to defend myself if the need arose. Of course, the idea that I would go from unconscious to dead without knowing it is appealing too. "

"You wont be in any danger, I promise you." Lily took a deep breath and sighed. She still didn't like it, but would accept it. Trust just wasn't one her strong points. In her line of work, it didn't usually pan out to trust others.

"I have some nylon cord in my tote, you can use that, I'm not sure what we could use as a blindfold."

"We'll figure that out when we stop to switch seats and set this up." Lily stole a glance at him out of the corner of her eye noticing the self satisfied grin on his face.

"You don't have to enjoy it so much." She grumbled and he just laughed.

Forty-five minutes later, they were pulling over onto a wide shoulder of the deserted road. Lily got out and retrieved her tote bag and passed the cord to Rock. A few minutes of looking around in her bag produced a long silk scarf she often used to wrap jewels and the like in, to protect them. She had forgotten it was in there. She felt stupid somehow, to sit down in the other seat and allow Rock to tie her ankles and then her wrists. She looked at him trustingly as he gently secured her wrists, checking the bonds to be assured they weren't too tight. He raised his head up to look at her. She was biting her lower lip in the way she did when she was unsure. He smiled at her in a loving way, then a teasing sparkle entered his eyes and he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Well, now my pretty, I can have my way with you!" Lily laughed as he twirled a fake mustache between his fingers. She appreciated the moment though. He laughed as well, then held up the scarf.


"Is this going to take long?" She was chewing her lip again.

"Five to ten minutes to the base, a few more after that to my apartments. Trust me?" He gently stroked her arms and she nodded her head. He wrapped the scarf over her eyes and tied it securely behind her head. He waved his fingers in front of her eyes.

"Can you see?"

"No." He made a few faces at her to be sure she couldn't see, then satisfied he leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She gasped, he startled her, but then she smiled and swung her legs into the car and leaned back into the seat. Rock smiled an evil smile thinking about not untying her as he walked back to the driver's seat.


"Ready." Lily felt the car take off and he drove with confidence, quickly covering the remaining distance to the base. She could feel them slowing and asked,

"Are we there?"

"We are approaching the guard shack now, say nothing. " He warned.

She felt them stop and the wind that blew into the car from the window opening.

"Good evening, Mr. Stannard. What do we have here?"

"I have some questioning to do of this prisoner, it's top secret, clearance code Xerxes. Complete silence."

"Sir, yes sir. You may proceed."

He drove slowly forward as the gate slid open to allow him entry. A few seconds later he informed Lily she could speak again.

"This is so weird." She said.

"A few more minutes, dear." They drove for another few minutes, then Rock parked the car and got out. Lily waited as he came around to her side of the car and opened the door. She expected him to untie her, but instead he directed her to stand up and he bent down and pulled her over his shoulder and started carrying her!

"Put me down!" She shrieked.

"Quiet, prisoner!" He grinned and smacked her bottom gaining another squeal from her. Her face flamed with embarrassment but she gritted her teeth and was quiet. She didn't want to attract any attention. She had no way to know that they were totally secluded where they were, and there wasn't any real reason she had to be quiet. Rock laid his hand against a plate near the door, recognizing his print, the door slid open. After they entered, the door slid closed behind them. She knew they were on carpet because she could hear the soft muffling of his footsteps. The smell of the place was familiar as well. Partly Rock, partly because this is where she been before. Suddenly she was dumped onto a soft leather sofa. She raised her bound hands to her blindfold and pushed it off. She watched as Rock crossed over to the bar and poured himself a drink. She gaped at him.

"Are you going to come untie me, or what?" He smiled in a predatory way.

"Maybe. Maybe not. What's in it for me? You are, indeed, my prisoner." He was grinning his head off at her and tried to affect a casual attitude and sipped his drink before setting it aside and coming over to where she half sat, half lay on the sofa.

"Rock..." She threatened with a low growl.

"My, my, my. Is that how we ask?" He was thoroughly enjoying himself now.

Lily rolled her head backward with an anguished look on her face, moaning in a pouty way.

"Rock? Please, please untie me? You're starting to scare me." He reached down and fingered the bonds at her wrists, running his finger under them, but not moving to untie her. He knelt before her on the floor and looked at her almost trembling face. Her eyes were wide, she indeed looked scared.

"Come now, you're not going to cry are you? Trust me. Would I hurt you?"

"No,...maybe...I don't think so. Please? Untie me?"

"And what will you give me?" His eyes were hooded, a sensual dreamy look crossing his face. She could feel his breath on her cheek and she was starting to understand this was a game. Her heart beat fast, her breathing picked up the pace as well as she smiled slyly.

"A kiss?" She offered.

"Mmm, that's a start." He leaned forward and kissed her softly.

"Now will you untie me?" He smiled again.

"Mmm,... no. Not yet." and he came back to kiss her again and again. He pushed her back onto the sofa and kissed along her jaw to her neck where he lingered for a few moments. Lily was a bit frustrated by this game, but decided to go along with it, and discovered she was actually sort of enjoying it. It nearly drove her wild to not be able to do anything but accept his will, and she alternately moaned with pleasure and grunted with frustration. He touched and nuzzled her at length, at his leisure, until she was squealing and screaming for him to stop, begging him to untie her, now! He raised his head at last and came back for one more long kiss before he actually started untying her. She was both relieved and disappointed. She hadn't felt anything like that ever before. She was shaking all over with desire. She was quiet as he knelt and untied her ankles, rubbing them to assure they had circulation. He looked up at her face,her eyes were soft and dark, her lips red as cherries, her cheeks flushed as she lay back onto the sofa and raised her hands above her head, watching his response. He closed his eyes and reeled with the feelings coursing through him as she both gained her release and then surrendered to him. He quickly came to her on the sofa and it was some time later when they came up for air.

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