Someone was practically beating down the door. Rock told lily to get dressed quickly, and hide. He would deal with this. She needed no further encouragement, and was into her clothes as if by magic. Grabbing her little duffel bag, she was on the move by the time he rose and put a robe on to go see who was knocking his door down. Lily slipped into the bathroom and mostly closed the door. There was a small window in there. It had a screen, but that was easily overcome if necessary. Looking up, she noted there were drop ceiling tiles, another possibility. She heard him answer the door through the intercom. His low, well modulated tones casually answered the insistent caller. A female voice demanded that he open up. She heard him acquiesce, and punch the code to open the door. 0913, in recognizable tones. Lily often had nightmares that she was in a foreign country and could only place a call by remembering the right sequences of tones, no numbers on the phones. Sometimes she dreamed there were no eight's on the dial pad, and all the numbers she knew contained eight. She had made herself remember the sounds of the numbers. Paranoia to be sure, but still. She heard him talking softly to his company, who was yelling in strident, shrewish tones.

"What is this? A prisoner? Who? A female? Is she still here? What did you do with her? " Lily could barely make out the quiet soothing things he said to his visitor. She really didn't care, and didn't want to know. Feeling suddenly like she was used, Cheapened. She was so outta there. She opened the window, which swung like a door , hinged on the side, and quietly cut the screen out around the sill. No alarms here. None needed. This base was so sure in it's security, it needed no alarms around it's members rooms. She was sure there were panic buttons, but Rock would not send up an alert, since she was supposed to be top secret. He would not alert the entire base for her. He would look for her himself. She counted on it. Dropping down to the soft grass behind the apartment she scanned the area. Approximately three hundred feet away to the south she could visualize the entrance they had come through. The sodium vapor lights totally announced the entrance there. She thought that they would benefit more from darkness and infrared, but that was her ideal. Not theirs, obviously. They had often gotten away with the notion that they were part of the US government, and people stayed away. Crossing the US at this time was a deadly decision. Smart people avoided those sorts of thoughts. A wise decision, she thought to herself. Her mind kept up a running dialogue for her, as if she was unaware of her surroundings and situation. She wished for a change it would be quiet so she could think. Assessing the dark, forested area adjacent to the building, she decided to go that way. She was in no mood for direct confrontation. She did usually prefer subterfuge to other methods, but at this time she was thinking to escape undetected and unseen. Running the few hundred feet to dark cover she continued for a few minutes before stopping to gain her bearings. The night was still, and quiet. She heard nothing but her own breathing. She sat until she caught her breath. Then she started off again, east, to take her to a main road, by her estimation. Lily had crossed a lot of ground, and her GPS tool told her she had five miles to go before the main road. She thought, screw you Rock, I will get to Hayu and he will help me. I don't need you! She stopped again and that is when she heard the snap of a branch. Could be a search party, could be an animal. She waited. Hearing nothing else, she started off again, then the noise started again. Again she stopped. She heard nothing. She looked off into the surrounding area, and saw nothing. She was nearly startled to death when a manly hand was suddenly on her shoulder. Lily blindly grabbed the hand, twisted it as she was taught, and threw him over onto his back on the forest floor. She heard his breath leave him with a whoomph! She pressed the sole of her foot to his windpipe, and then heard him say, muffledly,


Lily looked down at her captive to see, ....Rock.

She released her hold on him immediately, and then wished she hadn't. She walked away a few steps then turned to face him. She was glorious in her rage. Her hair fanned out around her as she moved. It had a chin length swath when up in a tail that called attention to her naturally red, heart shaped lips. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her dark eyes glittered in the moonlight as she turned on him,

"Remind me why I haven't killed you yet." Lily stated in an angry whisper. He merely smiled up at her, with his canines glistening in the limited light.

"The same reason I haven't killed you yet, dear." He replied lightly. Lily wasn't nearly done with him. She was mad. She was hurt. She wanted answers.

"Who was that? I assume you pacified her, before hunting me up. Gee, it took a long time. What ever could you be doing?" She turned her back on him. He laughed a wanton laugh before sobering to look at her.

"What? You think I took her to bed before I came after you? "

Lily was not going to answer him, but couldn't help herself.

"Yes." She croaked, her throat tight with emotion. Her head dropped forward, in despair. Rock rose from his position on the ground, assured that he could. He came and stood behind her, to stroke her arms, and whisper in her ear.

"Lily, I love you. Would you please trust me?"

She wanted to. She wanted him to touch her and never stop, but now it was clouding her judgment. She hung her head, and thought about them for a moment. What had he ever promised her? Nothing. And currently, she had that in abundance. She sighed. She felt lost. Alone, despite his presence. She decided a few things in her mind, and turned around and let herself fall into his embrace, reveling in the feel of him, his smell, to remember him by. She somehow knew that their days were numbered. How could they not be? She raised her head to look into his eyes, and she intentionally let her eyes go all misty and teary, before she asked him,

"Please. Rock. Help me. Help. " Then she dissolved into real tears, and racking sobs. He held her, and patted her back, but was at a loss. He didn't really know what to do with her but to say yes, he would help. She sobbed a bit about that as well, until Rock prodded her to get going. They got underway again, but with Rock leading the way. They came to the main road and had to make plans again. She sat by the road smoking cigarettes, and crying off and on. She knew it was going to be a wait while he traversed the eight miles back to the base, and his apartment. On his way, he mentally wrote the execution orders on the guard that admitted them to the base. He had given the correct code. The leak was unforgivable. To the System. To the Circle especially. This was to be top secret and yet, V had found out about it, in quick order. He reached the base, and revved up the Delorean, reveling in it's power, and in love with the antiquity of it all. He raced out of the base,and came to pick Lily up. She had crawled up into a pine tree with lots of coverage, and there had let go all the tears she had. She wailed with the hurt of it all, letting it all out. A dog, in the distance howled back in reply. She wiped the hot, slippery tears from her face, and snuffled. She was so tired. So tired of the game. She thought once more about giving it all up for sanity's sake. But Rock was there to pick her up. She had been waiting and watching for him to return. He opened the door and Lily gratefully climbed in, and did not demand to drive. She let Rock take the lead. She was grateful to give it over to someone else for a moment. Rock was quiet. He didn't have much to say. He was sorry his earlier plan didn't pan out. He didn't count on interference. There was more than one way to his plane. The base had sounded good, for fun and games. But it wasn't safe. He too was tired of the chase. He liked Lily where he could find her. She was tired, and tearful, and he put up with this considering the agony he put himself through when she wasn't there. Rock didn't enlighten lily to the fact that he had put off the el numero uno back at base, he didn't tell her he nearly ripped his own place up before he noticed the torn screen, he didn't mention that at this moment, his own life was up for grabs, for failure to submit, failure to report to his superiors. She had no idea he was rogue at that moment. She just knew that she needed someone, and he was there for her. She closed her eyes with the trust of a child as Rock drove into the morning light toward the secret entrance into his lair.

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