When she awoke she was disoriented. The floating never world. It seemed very dreamlike at the moment. She wasn't sure she was awake. She was only marginally reassured by realizing she was in a plane. Flying high above the earth. Her ears popped a few times. Her eyes rolled in their sockets for a moment until she gained her equilibrium. She couldn't see into the dark night, in any meaningful way. It was a blur of clouds and not clouds to her untrained eye. She trusted in Rock to fly the plane. It was his plane, after all. She was no pilot. No hero either, and yet they were on their way to Brazil. Crazy. How did this happen in so short a span? She wondered for a moment, then decided that this was part of her duty in life. She looked over at Rock's intent face. Lips set in a grim line, brows furrowed in concentration. She loved him so much. She could feel her heart beat all over her body. She felt suddenly confused. If she cared so much for Rock, why was she ruining everyone's life chasing Daniel? Maybe she couldn't leave the end of their relationship with him dying in a hell hole.

Maybe she would like to be fair. Did she know what that meant? She wasn't certain. She ran by no one set of morals, yet certain things crossed her line. What now? She had no precepts of how to deal with this situation. Her eyes closed again of their own volition. She was tired. She slept to avoid the hard questions, but her brain made her dream of evil things, to punish her, she thought. She paid attention, trying to decipher the dreams, but they had no rhyme or reason. She couldn't concentrate on one topic. It floated. Eventually, she heard Rock say that they were approaching and she sat up and connected her seat belt.Stupid if the plane crashed. Useless. but comforting, none the less. Lily felt numb. The last week or so of no sleep had really taken its toll on her. She wasn't really able to connect her emotions to her rational mind. Both roiled in opposite directions, causing the near catatonia of her mind. She simply couldn't think for all the thoughts jammed up like cars at rush hour. Creeping along. Slowly downloading to her hard drive, but clicking along steadily enough to keep her from truly resting. She was having trouble bringing herself to feel as well. She felt very detached and far away from the situation at hand. They were coming in to land on a deserted airstrip in Brazil. Hayu had told them about it. Lily had talked extensively to him, promising him everything but her body, for the information. She owed him one. There were many airstrips like this all over the country. Drug smugglers had most of them created.Opportunists like Hayu had scoped them all out for safety, seclusion, and location, location, location. Some things never change. Some were old military installments, long deserted. The plane landed without incident, a few bumps, and they were slowing and stopping. Lily watched Rock intently. He was concentrating on the runway and the controls. He was scanning the area as they landed. He was looking for obstacles. There were no immediate threats to them. She watched as he brought them to a stop, and flipped the switches to stop the engines. He turned to look at her, aware she had been watching him. He had a smirk of a grin on his face.

"Well?" He said.

Lily stared at him stupidly for a moment, entranced by the shape of his mouth, the sound of his voice. She shook herself, realizing she was having "crazy stares". She had those usually in the morning, when she wasn't awake. Your eyes just stare at something, and you can't stop staring, but not seeing. Crazy stares. She found out later that was considered a form of epilepsy, but tried not to dwell on it. She snapped out if it finally, and answered him.

"Well, what?"

He threw his blond head back to laugh. He smiled at her. His sweet, tender smile. The one she believed.

"We're here." He said, still smiling at her, with his eyes now too.

"Wow. That was fast. I must have slept. " She looked down to avoid looking at him, handsome in the glow coming from the control lights. Her heart raced. She didn't know how she felt. She was here for Daniel.Then why did she feel so much emotion toward Rock? What was it she needed? Why was she holding herself back from throwing herself across the cock pit into Rock's strong arms? Conflict raged within her. Her face betrayed her, and the twisting of her lips told Rock volumes. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He would not press her. If she came to him, that was a different story, but he would not pressure her at all. At least to the end of his human restraint. But the limits of that would remain to be seen. He broke the silence.

"I think we should sleep here tonight, in the plane, and set out to make camp tomorrow. Okay?"

Lily nodded dumbly. She was just so tired. She didn't even think about who or what might be outside. She accepted what Rock said at face value. He hadn't led her astray yet. He motioned her to the cargo area of the plane, and inflated a raft, meant for sea decent, and pulled out some cotton blankets. He made a pallet for them there, and they lay down together, holding each other for warmth, and support. Lily had his head on her chest, could feel his breath against her breast. She stroked his hair, around his ear, and down his neck slowly. He closed his eyes and reveled in her cool fingers stroking him gently. His heart beat a trip hammer rate, and he was awake, thinking, long after Lily fell asleep, her hand gently touching his shoulder. What to do now? Wait, he thought, as he also gave himself up to Morpheus' touch and slept once more in the arms of the woman he most desperately loved.

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