Lily fell into a quiet sort of shock once they were secured into the seats. She watched without seeing Rock's sure fingers flipping switches, checking gauges. She felt more than heard the whine of the engines turbines. She was on sensory overload. A throbbing sensation in her hands and feet, combined with the white noise of the plane throttling forward for take off spun her into a whirling vertigo. She desperately fixed her gaze on one glowing dot on the control panel and gripped the seat arms to right her spinning brain, to will it to feel the reality of her position. Breathing deeply helped, and she slowly felt less like she was going to lose consciousness. Rock brought them quickly to cruising speed in the powerful jet and set the automatic pilot. Turning to look at Lily he was startled at how pale she appeared.

"Are you Al right? " He reached over and felt her forehead. She was cool and clammy, her hair was sweaty. He felt her pulse. It was fast, but regular, her breathing was a bit fast but not too bad. "Are you hurt somewhere? Are you bleeding? "

His questions brought her around to think about her body. She had felt very detached for a while there. She examined herself, and she had a few cuts here and there, probably from flying debris, and the rush of the moment had anesthetized the event. Not too much blood lost, nothing broken beyond repair. Rock reached around to a small electric cooler and gave her a bottle of water . She drank deeply, not realizing how thirsty she had been until tasting the clean cold water. She passed it back to him and he finished it off. A little color had returned to her face. Her stomach grappled the water around in a rather loud way causing Rock to laugh .

"Sounds like you have a tiger in your tank! Me too. I'm starved. There aren't too many fly through restaurants up here. So, where are we going? " He asked.

"Gee, and I thought you knew. Not to worry. I have a plan in mind. I need to make a few calls though. How long until we are back over the states? " Rock supplied the information and she calculated a few things in her mind. She would call Hayu first. He regularly flew in and out of Brazil, he would provide a place to land and stay and regroup until she could meet up with K again. She chatted with Hayu for a long time, quietly and with her back turned to Rock. Occasional giggles sparked his interest and he strained to catch any of their conversation. It escaped him. She hung up and turned back to give him the coordinates for their destination, and the details of the landing strip. Then she sat back in the seat with a quirky cat and canary smile, her cheeks flushed pink. Lily could feel him looking at her, but chose to affect a casual attitude. Rock was feeling a little irritated. There was something she wasn't telling him. He didn't want to have to ask. Soon he couldn't help himself, and took a deep sighing breath before turning to look at her and saying


She turned to look at him with a surprised look on her face, then smiled in a hesitant, teasing manner. She was the picture of innocence.

"What what?" She asked back.

"You know something you don't want to tell me. What is it? "

She laughed. "It's not about you. Is that hard to believe? I have a, ah, special, relationship with Hayu you might say. I am anticipating seeing him. I don't know if you will or not. Daniel will love him. "

Rock was suddenly angry. He felt jealous, these were her other lovers she was talking about, getting flushed about, laughing with. Who had just saved her ass in the jungle? Why wouldn't Hayu like him? He didn't even know him. He felt the coldness creeping over him, hardening his features, making him like a rock. Lily could feel the chill. She shivered a little, her earlier happiness dissolving, leaving a contrite, confused look on her face. He felt a little mean happiness that she was no longer so damned happy. But these thoughts brought him no pleasure. He was now angry that he had lost his cool. He should have deflected those feelings of jealousy with ease. Angry that she had made him so soft, and vulnerable. He projected his anger toward her now, giving her the silent treatment. A muscle flexing in his cheek was the only outward sign of the battle raging within. Lily slid back into her seat and closed her eyes. She wished she had said something different. Done something different. Oh, look, it's regret! Dammit. They sat no more than three feet apart yet the divide between them was like a chasm. Crossable only at the risk of great personal peril. Lily feel into a depressed sleep, little flittings of nightmares preventing rest, but it passed the time more quickly, and before long she woke as they were descending onto Hayu's private airstrip in the Nevada desert.

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