Vicki was waiting quietly by the hall entry as Lily headed sleepily to her rooms. It was a good thing, too. There was no way she would have found the right room. The hall seemed to take twice as many turns on the way back as it did on the way there. Enough so that Lily thought she was being taken a wrong way. Or just a different way. Why would they do that? Hayu trusts me, doesn't he? She felt a little drunk, and a little petulant. Vicki grabbed the back of Lily's dress as she was about to walk past her room and spun her about as she opened the door and Lily toddled inside. Obediently she waited by the vanity as Vicki told her. "Stand over there a moment." She shut the door and came to unzip the gown. Once Lily stepped out of it, Vicki immediately hung it up on a hook inside the armoire. The cabinet was cedar lined so it would certainly take any odors there might have been out of the dress. Not like it was worn for long. Had anyone else worn it? Lily was still feeling childlike, pouty. It was Hayu. He always made her feel like a kid. Maybe it was that he was eighteen years her senior. Maybe it was just the way he perceived her, having known her for over half her life at this point. Hmmph. She unconsciously crossed her arms over her chest and stomped her stockinged foot on the floor. That act lead her to look at her feet. Where were her shoes? Had she left them under the dinner table? She blushed hot, knowing she had surreptitious kicked them off at some point and didn't remember when. Oh well. Easy come, easy go. She laughed at her own thoughts, then remembered that Vicki was there somewhere and looked around for her. Vicki had been standing no more than ten feet from her, holding up a robe to cover Lily in her underwear, but had been watching the pantomime of Lily's thought process with some amusement. Now noticed, she laughed unrestrainedly, holding her middle, the robe wadding up on the floor. Lily started to laugh too, and the laughter fed on its self. Each looking up and bursting into renewed fits of laughter at the whole scene. Finally, with some deep, laugh interrupted breaths, they got themselves under control and Lily accepted the robe from Vicki and sat in the chair as she was bade, and Vicki started taking out all the pins from her hair. Her head ached in the spots where the pins had been. She hadn't noticed that they hurt while they were there, but their absence was noted with some bruisy feeling. Once all the pins were out, Vicki ran a good brush through her hair, loosening the tension from her scalp, and Lily fell into a quiet, far away reverie. She was thinking vaguely of Rock. Nothing specific, just images and feelings. She thought of Daniel for a moment. Missed him a little more than usual. Then she considered Hayu. She suddenly realized that they all had blue eyes. How strange. She was still thinking about blue eyes when Vicki led her by the hand to her bed. Lily crawled into the big bed. The sheets were soft and cool. The pillows soft and comforting. Vicki whispered ‘good night' with a restrained laugh. Lily fell asleep thinking about her blue eyed boys. Blue eyes, blue skies, blue sheets and socks, blue jeans, blue moods, blue music...before long she was sleeping peacefully. For a change. It was good she was getting some sleep finally. She was going to need it.
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