Lily was awaken by the soft sighing of the door across the carpet. The intruduer was silent. Very faintly she could hear them moving across the room toward the bed. She sighed as if in sleep and then rolled over to stop her visitor with a soft click as she pulled back the hammer on the pistol she pulled from beneath her pillow.

"That's far enough. Don't move. " She ordered as she crawled to the light on the table. Once on, she looked upon Rock's glimmering eyes, shining with amusement. She let out a sigh of relief, yet wondered if she should.

"Must you come skulking about in the dark? I really will end up shooting you one of these days." She chastised him. He ducked his head around and twisted his lips into one of those heartwrenching smirks.

"What? I knocked, you didn't answer, I came in, I was heading for the light to wake you." He blinked twice, indicating he was defending his innocence, but with the hint of possible naughty thoughts. Lily narrowed her eyes and looked at him sidelong, then asked;

"Are you armed?" He looked startled.

"You should know me by now, darlin'. I'm always armed. It doesn't mean anything. Except I'm ready for action." He smiled as he said that, giving it a double meaning. Lily smiled to herself, and a bit of it leaked out. Rock could plainly see her pleasure in his teasing. Damn, she looked good even when she woke up! Her eyes were puffy and sleepy, but charmingly so, her lips full and pouty, her hair wildly touseled as if she had just had a spell of passion. His blood ran hot in his veins. He felt himself grow hard and he squirmed uncomfortably. Lily did not notice his discomfort. She leaned back to put the gun away and unconciously gave him a nice view as her shirt stretched tight against her full breasts. She had taken off her bra sometime during her nap. Her nipples stood out like pebbles against the light cotton fabric. His mouth fell open as he stared. She sat back up and followed his eyes.

"Rock! You're drooling!"

He smiled wickedly, charmingly, drawing her to him with his eyes, his lips, his words.

"Can you blame me? I am in the presence of beauty its self. I would humble myself gladly just to have you step on me. To be worthy of this.... I want you,... crave you,.... as a drowning man craves air. " He had been advancing on her as he spoke softly, caressingly, entrancing her in his spell. She, sleepy, and feeling a bit loose, smiled as he approached, and unconciously leaned back to allow him room to sit on the edge of the bed.

She could feel her heart racing, and wondered if he could see the trembling of her breasts. In the next moment , she was sure he did, since his eyes never left her chest. She sighed deeply, prettily to be sure, and leaned back casually against the mountain of pillows. She seemed relaxed, and secure. Lily had a smile run across her face, before it settled into a smirk, a Ôlook', as it were. She raised one brow,and lifted one of her finely shaped lips into a smirk as she lay back. She knew her tight dance leotard would outline her breasts as well as her rock hard nipples. They were like gumdrops at this point, crying out to be touched.

"What did you want?" She asked lazily.

"Oh, I don't know...." He started, but his finger reached out to trace the outline of her right nipple. It got harder, as if that were possible, and her breast ached. She needed release. She needed to feel his lips pulling on that nipple, and now. Lily tossed her hair about and pulled the neckline of her top down off both shoulders, shyly asking him,

"I'm so constricted in this. Could you help me get it off?" A smile twisted his beautiful lips as he replied;

"I think so..." and with that he pulled down hard on the neckline, trapping her arms at her sides with the tight top. She closed her eyes and moaned a bit, rolling her head around her shoulders. Her breast popped out after a bit of tugging, full and turgid. She knew she shouldn't, but as he bent his blonde head and deftly caught one of her nipples in his mouth, she couldn't resist. She gasped with the sudden pleasure. He pulled hard, then backed off and kissed the whole of the breast. Lily ached for him to touch the other breast. It was lonely all by it's self. He moved across her cleavage, and she welcomed the fire that spread across her. Rock took the other nipple into his mouth and tongued and nipped it into submission before moving down her body.

"Rock!" she breathed. Lily writhed beneath his minstrations. He was heartened by her actions and moved down her belly in a firey trail of kisses. He was pulling her body suit off bit by bit, and kissing the flesh he revealved. He met the border of her mound, surrounded by the guardhairs of maturity. He kissed that tangle before moving lower. She wimpered and wriggled on the bed. She did not want him to stop, and she bit her tongue and the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out, or speaking to break the spell. Soon, his tongue found the center of her pleasure and gently worked it back and forth. Lily was gone with passion. He could have killed her now, easily, and she wouldn't have noticed. Part of her mind said, that the farmer wouldn't kill the cow he got milk from. But, before that thought was final, a peak hit her so hard, she thought he had dug a dagger into her heart. It hurt so bad, yet felt so good. Before she even knew what happened next, she was naked, and so was he. It felt so good to touch another's naked skin. It seemed like so long since it had happened before. She knew it had not been that long, but with Rock, it was so... something... that it seemed she couldn't get enough of it. She was enjoying him kissing and caressing her, and barely noticed when he penetrated her body. She was so ready for him. So wet. She hoped he could last under the circumstances. He did. They rode the pleasure wave until it's end.... Ahhhhhh...... such release. He murmered something she didn't hear as he fell beside her and she also fell into sleep again.... it wasn't until much later that she woke.

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