Lily roused herself from the bed, leaving Rock sleeping on the other side and went to take a shower. She padded across the expanse of tile soundlessly and the water seemed loud as she turned it on to warm. She changed her mind and turned it off in favor of the tub. The tub sounded loud as well, with the turbulant water ringing off the porceline in the stark chamber. She creeped back to the door to peek at Rock sleeping. His hand sprawled out, his fingers limp and lifeless on her pillow, his mouth open, chest rising and falling rhythmically in slumber. She smiled as she caught a look at her own rumpled state in the mirror. She sniffed all over the parts she could reach, looking for his scent. She giggled to herself as she got into the tub. The hot water brought his scent to her nostrils and she enjoyed it until she decided now was the time to start scrubbing. From that moment on, she smelled like fruit salad. She used apriot scrub on her face, cucumber gel on her feet, peppermint and camomile on her hair, avacodo and aloe on her legs, all she needed was some Ranch flavored douch, and she would have been veggie-licious. Ha! She laughed at her own musings. A dark shadow startled her. She looked up to see Hayu standing there. He was dressed in a dark bathrobe with a hood covering most of his head. She gave a little involuntary scream.

"Aieee!" She sloshed down into the water until it met her chin.

Then she saw who it was. Rolling her eyes, she sat up until the water was just above her breasts.

"Sorry." He apologised. He looked elsewhere but at her, seemingly embarrassed.

"It's okay, I guess,.." she replied, looking over his shoulder to see if Rock had heard the intrusion and was coming. Hayu seemed oblivious. He looked troubled. Lily swam to the side of the tub and laid her chin on her arms.

"Wanna talk about it? " He walked around in a little circle, made for the door, turned around and sat down on the small vanity chair in the room. Hayu looked at the floor, then he looked at the ceiling. He looked left and right. Anywhere but right at her as he said,

" I don't want you to go. I dont want you to leave on a dangerous mission and never return. Why do you want to go?" He looked a bit desperate at this. "I mean, I have enough money to keep even one such as you! You need never make another dollar, and I will do for you! Daniel would give his life for you. You don't need to go! Please, Lily, please, dont go! " Lily discovered a floor tile that needed attention as well. She did not lift her gaze as she spoke the difficult words.

" It's not about the money now, Hayu. It's personal. Do you know they have K?" She looked up to see his shock. No, he didn't know that. He hung his head and shook it slowly.

"No reason to loose you too!" He offered. Lily smiled wanly at this. Yes it was.

"Are you with me? Will you loan me some motorcycles to leave on?" She asked. He made the no way face, but wrangled it down and nodded his head yes. Lily smiled and told him to come here. He shook his head no, but she told him to come.

"Hayu! Come! Here! Now!" and he did, and she kissed his full lips soundly, and hugged him hard, not noticing that she pressed her naked wetness against him, until he pushed her from him, not able to stand another second of that. She giggled and sank beneath the water again, and he ‘harumphed' and got up and left. Lily looked into the bedroom. Rock still snored on the bed. Hmmph. Some assasin he was! Sleeping! She grinned remembering how she wore him out. She loved him so much it hurt. She stopped smiling thinking about him. How could she love someone so much,and yet wish they'd go away ? She stepped out of the tub and dried off while thinking of him. What was she going to do? Where was she going anyway? She grew tired just thinking about it. She decided to crawl into bed. It was only 9:22 pm. Damn lazy assassins, she thought humorously to herself. Rock scooted over in his sleep, but feeling her heat, rolled over to her, resting his head on her chest and wrapping an arm over her waist. Lily sighed, and fell into a fitful sleep.

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