It wasn't long before Lily and Rock were all packed up and ready to go on the cycles they borrowed from Hayu. Hayu was super anxious and Lily had to spend an hour or so with him before they could go. She had popped over to see Daniel before she left, he was not in iso, but most of his crew was. He felt it necessary to stay with them until they were taken back to the university. Lily loved him so, but she needed to go. She could see the look in his eyes, and she tried to block it out of her heart, but it wasn't easy. She could tell he wanted her to stop what she was doing and settle down as his wife, sitting in some apartment somewhere , waiting for him to come back from an expedition with dinner on the table. This was never going to happen, but she didn't want to pimp reality on him at this moment. She would never be this free. It seemed she was in deep at this moment, with the "System" and Lily wasn't sure she would emerge alive, but Daniel and Hayu had enough denial for all of them. She could at least pretend. Finally, she was able to go and join Rock in the garage.

"About time, I was thinking you had changed your mind." Rock mentioned. Lily glared at him, he knew her commitments.

"I had to say goodbye to Daniel." She said. Not mentioning she said goodbye in front of at least twenty others. No big deal. But Rock took it the wrong way, as she had hoped, and got snippy with her.

"Well, get your helmet on. We've got a long way to go before we're there." That was the last civil word he spoke until they reached the hotel in Iowa.

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