Lily woke after only sleeping for an hour. She just came awake, gradually aware that she was, listening to the ventilation system, Rock's gentle breathing, small creaks from the plumbing in the bathroom. She grew restless lying there, trying to go back to sleep. The weight of Rock's arm became an irritation and gently she rolled away. Despite the heavy way his arm struck the mattress, he did not rouse. She eased from his side and got dressed again. This time she chose her leather pants, a tight black t-shirt with long sleeves, and her boots. She carefully secured her trunk after removing several items and loading them in her backpack. Light from the bathroom allowed her to double check her weapons, even though she knew they were ready to go. She gazed over at her lover on the bed, trying to bring herself to regret any of what had transpired so far. Nope. None there. Must be time to go. It had always been her experience that regret stemmed from a situation long overdue for change. Maybe thats why she wasn't ready to settle down with Daniel yet. Fear of regret. The only regret she felt right now was that she couldn't get her pistol out from under the pillow and still hope to leave without Rock. He didn't really need to be involved in this. She had asked him for too much help already, soon, he would need to collect in kind, and she just wasn't sure what he wanted. If it was just her, she'd be around. If it was more, well...the future would tell. Blowing a kiss to Rock, she quietly slipped out of the room and headed for the garage where the Rose Harley was waiting for her. Twenty minutes later Lily was roaring out into the night. She was humming an old Paul Simon song. "The problem is easy if you take it logically,...."

Soon the entire complex was up in arms. Rock had woken up and went looking for her. Hayu soon became involved in the search, then Daniel heard she had left. He looked the most disappointed of them all. She had come and talked with him earlier, but she had said nothing of leaving. He stoically held it in, but part of him wanted to cry out. Rock was also wearing a mask of tight control . Angry, frustrated, and suddenly sympathizing with Daniel. It must be harder for him, to wait for her to resurface. He, Rock, could go looking for her. He also knew more about where to find her than anyone else. He was the only one who knew where she was going and why. Hayu just looked sad. He had blustered about, yelled at the garage man, who defended himself by saying, "she said you said it was okay, I just thought..." and stopped short when Hayu turned to him with a face like a demon. Red, contorted and with sharp teeth showing between his frothing lips. He had gotten a rein on his emotions and brought himself down but after the anger was gone, only sadness remained. The men stood, rooted to the spot, until Hayu raised his mighty voice.

"Let's go get a drink, men!" and led the way to the study where they drank in silence until Daniel suddenly looked at Rock.

"You know where she went. Don't you?" Rock looked at Daniel for a long time, then decided he would tell him.

"Yes, I do. She's on her way to St. Louis right now. " He said it more calmly than he felt. He didn't offer any more than that even though both Hayu and Daniel were leaned forward in their chairs waiting for more. Hayu could stand no more and yelled,

"Well why the hell is she going there? Tell us man! " He wasn't sure he should. How much they knew. He took a deep breath and spilled the story. Hayu fell back with a sigh and a shaking of his shaggy head.

"I should have told her no. I never was any good at telling her no." Daniel patted his arm and told him with earnestness,

"No one is. She doesn't take no as an answer." All three men shook their heads in agreement. Suddenly Hayu looked up at Rock and asked,

"Why are you still here? Go after her, fool! She has three men sitting about worrying about her and you know where she's going! What do you need? " Rock drained the last of his scotch from his glass, setting it down noislessly before leaning forward to talk strategy. Before much more time had elapsed they were all back at the garage, watching Rock load up a Ninja.

"I ought to be able to catch her on this. She's on a Harley, right? Don't worry. I'll bring our girl home safe and soundly!" Hayu shook Rock's hand, then Daniel followed suit. Rock looked Daniel in the eyes and could see that Daniel knew about them. He could see the hurt, and recognized it. He didn't know why he did, but he said to Daniel,

"I'll bring her back to you." Daniel looked at his rival hard,

"Do that."

All being said that needed saying, Rock pushed the ignition of the big bike and before long was devouring up the miles between him and her. The bike responded as though it were one with it's rider and he goosed it a bit to feel the pull. A long, wandering smile broke across his face with the sheer pleasure of riding and he crouched low to decrease the wind drag and bug slaps that were stinging his face. He had been out about 3 hours when he saw a slight glow of a tail light in the distance. The roads out here were flat and straight, it wasn't long before he was close enough to be sure it was her. Lily realized she was being followed and had initially slowed down to get an ID on her tail. She realized it was another bike, a crotch rocket from the sound of it, and she twisted the accelerator hard and took off like a streak. Her bike was really well tuned, responded quickly and was much quieter than most Harleys. The road coming up was curvey, and they were decending into a sheltered area of road. There were large sandstone walls on either side of the road. Here a few stunted trees grew, where the wind didn't blow continuously. There were a few side roads as they passed near a wildlife preserve. Billboards notified her that there were some caves coming up, natural wonders. The sport bike was gaining on her, he was more manuverable on the curves on his lighter bike. The night was dark and nearly moonless, Lily decided to use it to her advantage and switched off the bike's lights. She slowed and turned into a slightly wooded rest area and came around in a circle. She could see the smaller bike turn down into the area and she waited until he went past where she was sitting in the shade of a large pine tree. She moved slowly back to the entrance road, then gunned it back onto the main road. The other rider turned quickly, but she still kept her lights off and was difficult to see since his eyes were not adjusted to the pitch black like hers were. She cruised down the road to a cluster of trees and pulled in there quietly, cutting off the engine. He wouldn't be able to hear the pings and creaks over the noise of his own bike. Funny how she assumed her tail was a man. But weren't they always? She heard the bike roar by her and she laughed to herself and decided to stretch while she waited a bit to get back on the road.

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