Tired, dirty, hungry, and angry. In that order. That is what Lily was thinking as she suddenly picked up her feet, hanging on her assailants arms like gym bars, and kicked them both in the face with the heels of her boots. Had she been lying flat on the floor, you would have called this manuever a "kip". No time for scoring points now, the goons reeled a bit, but their grip got stronger if anything. Now in an awkward position, feet below their chins, hanging upside down off their arms, Lily felt some call to action was needed here. Pushing off their barrel like chests, she swung through and popped loose of their steely grips. As soon as she could stand she was running the opposite direction headed for the end door that would lead to the garage and her bike. One of the goons managed to get his hand inside his jacket and started to bring out a very large and shiny pistol when Rock burst from the office door, barely a foot in front of Lily. She saw him there suddenly, but was unable to stop her forward momentum. She bowled him over and he fell to the floor still in motion, his feet following and going over his head to knock his toes on the floor, Lily stumbled and went into a forward roll, gained her footing and made it to the door at the end of the hall just as Rock gained his footing. He held his hand out in front of him as the goons accelerated in his general direction.

"Wait!" He yelled, but too late. The thugs fell into him full force, knocking them all about in the hall like so many fallen bowling pins. Lily managed to get the door open despite her sweaty palms and ran like the devil was after her to her bike. She fondled the pockets of her pants and discovered the extra key. Pulling it free of the lint she ran and leapt onto the bike, rocking it over off of it's kickstand. Her heel automatically kicked the stand into place as she boarded. She jammed the key into the starter and the bike roared with eagerness to be free. The pipes filled the empty hangar with the growl and chime of a well tuned Harley. The sound alone shot Lily full of adrenaline. She had just started to roll toward freedom when the garage door started to roll down! She glanced up at the top, sixty feet at least, then at the door rolling down, moving fairly slowly, she gritted her teeth and decided that it was worth a try. She headed for the door, gunning it as hard as she could without swamping out. Blue smoke filled the garage. It made it hard on the troops following her out. Rock also came running into the garage area, yelling after her... "Liiiiii.........Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She was two feet from the door, it was about six feet off the ground and gaining momentum, she pulled back hard on the throttle as she slammed on the brake and started sliding. She started to wiggle and it took all her concentration to bring the bike back under her control. Letting go of the front brake, her back end slid around sideways and that was the motion she was hoping for. She laid it down and slid under the door with room to spare, getting it back from the slide was a different matter. She pulled hard to correct the slide, but overcorrected and almost dumped it over. With gritted teeth and as much skill as she could muster she managed to right it and gunned it hard in any direction she could go that would take her away from here. She remembered how they came in and went back that way, however, at this point, a loud siren could be heard and many engines of trucks that were being deployed to follow her and she thought maybe she should look for an alternate exit. Her heart was pounding so hard she could feel it in her fingertips and toes. It was starting to get cold outside as the sun was setting. She took a few twists and turns until she felt she wasn't being followed anymore. She wasn't entirely sure where she was, if she was even off the base. Turning her head she looked to see if her pack was still on the back and was heartened to see that it was. Ahead of her there were mesas and cliffs and she was sure there would be a cave or some kind of overhang to make camp at and headed in that direction. Eventually finding an overhang to make home for the night, she set up a quick campsite. From her bag she pulled out an extremely thin thermal blanket, a package of beef jerkey and a pack of slightly squished smokes. Settling herself against the wall where she could get a good survey of all roads leading her way, she lit a ciggie and felt her lips tingle after the first pull. Good to know I'm not still addicted. Still getting the high one does the first time. She watched the smoke curl up into the air. She wished she could be as free and easy. It would be easy just to give in, and her exhaustion at this point was supreme, but she had an idea. She would never get away from here without them following her, hounding her heels for ever. She sat for a long time watching for trouble, relaxing by millimeters into the wall at her back.In time, a small lizard scrambled over her booted feet and stopped to look up at the grimy face of the woman. Finding nothing palatable to his tongue, he quietly left her there, fast asleep.

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