Back in Janet's office things were not going well. Rock was washing down his fourth or maybe fifth scotch on the rocks, minus the rocks, while Janet was verbally abusing someone over the phone.

"I don't give a good god damn what your excuses are! Find her ass! I know she's out there somewhere, and you will find her or else! Don't ask me or what! You know! Get this place mobilized and find that woman NOW!" With this last word she slammed the phone down so hard it cracked the base. Rock dragged his eyes over Janet's flushed face, her mouth twisted so ugly, the veins in her neck standing out.

"Careful dear, you'll have a stroke." He said with a wan smile

"Shut up! This is your fault to begin with!"

"My fault? Exactly how is this my fault? " He rose from his chair to pace the room. "I did what I was supposed to. I found her. I kept her from dying from the block, I brought her to you. It's certainly not my fault that your staff has grown so fat and lazy they can't keep her in check. You always did underestimate Lily, you know. She's smarter than you think." A sharp pain began to insinuate it's way into Janet's head just behind her eyeball and made it hard to think. Not only was she completely furious at her own staff, but she was at the end of her rope with Rockwell Stannard. He was very good at what he did, always very neat and tidy with the loose ends, usually very deadly without a lot of useless guilt . She liked that coldness to him. It appealed to her inner nature. On the other hand, it also kept her from knowing what he was thinking. She wouldn't dream of playing poker with him. She watched him stand by the window, looking out onto the fading light of the day and wondered what he was thinking now. Was he wishing Lily godspeed? Was he honing in on her with that ability only he seemed to have? It was like radar where Lily was concerned. He argued before the council to prevent her assassination, and when he knew they were going to do it anyway, he interfered. It seemed as though they were going to do this his way.

Maybe she could appeal to his baser nature. It was often said that one caught more flies with honey than with vinegar. Taking a deep breath Janet forced herself to relax and think sexy thoughts. A quick check of her clevage and she slinked across the thick carpet to stand behind him at the window. She slipped her arm around his waist and stroked his belly through his shirt, feeling the definition of his hard abs and a thrill of desire shot through her. Rock stood still and allowed Janet to touch him. He was strangely unmoved by her. Usually when they were together they would spend the first few days completely sequestered from the world and then with that all out of their system, would get down to business. He felt her hot breath on his ear, then her teeth on his neck, then a slight repulsion in his gut . He turned away from her, taking her hand that had rested on his belly in his hand.

"Not tonight darling." Kissing her gently on the hand, he moved past her, placed his glass on the bar and walked out of the office. Janet went from shock to anger to sadness and back to anger. No one refused her! No one. Crossing to the bar she poured herself a stiff one, then took the bottle with her as she too abandoned the office for her quarters.

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